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The Zionist regime sanctions the countries that support Palestine

The cabinet of the Zionist regime plans to impose sanctions against the countries that have recognized the independent state of Palestine.
– International news – Tasnim news, channel 14 of the Zionist regime reported that the security and political cabinet of this regime plans to impose sanctions at the request of Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich impose sanctions against the countries that have recently recognized the independent state of Palestine. Netanyahu’s cabinet also plans to simultaneously impose sanctions against some officials of the self-governing organization and block their passports. 

Smotrich previously, in response to the recognition of the independent state of Palestine by the governments of Norway, Spain and Ireland, demanded the imposition of sanctions against the countries that have recognized Palestine as a country.

Also, Netanyahu’s cabinet plans to declare legal the 4 Zionist settlements that were built in the West Bank before. According to Smotrich’s proposal, a Zionist settlement will be built for each country that recognizes Palestine.

Unprecedented isolation of the Israeli regime at the disarmament conference meeting
Isolation of the Zionist regime in the shadow of the Gaza war

The anger and anger of the occupiers against the expansion of support for Palestine at the world level is expanding day by day, and according to Israeli circles, this regime has never Hadd has not lived in global isolation; This anger went so far that “Gilad Erdan”, the representative of the Tel Aviv regime in the United Nations, on May 22, before the general assembly voted on a resolution regarding the recognition of the Palestinian state, threw the UN charter into the paper shredder.

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