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Another Israeli soldier committed suicide

Hebrew-speaking sources reported the suicide of another Israeli soldier after returning from the Gaza war.
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According to the report of the international group Tasnim News, the Hebrew-language Hadshut Bezman website wrote that an occupying army of two The day after returning from Gaza, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

This is the second suicide of Israeli soldiers in the past week. The identity of this soldier has not been mentioned.

Last week, one of the soldiers of this regime named “Eliran Mizrahi” committed suicide after returning from Gaza, where he was severely depressed. Following this suicide, the Ministry of War of the occupying regime announced the establishment of a mental rehabilitation unit in the army to deal with the problem of thousands of soldiers who suffer from mental problems.

The Ministry of War of Israel also announced that all expenses Treatment related to “post-accident shock” will be free for all Israelis.

Three days ago, the Jerusalem Post newspaper wrote in a report quoting the Israeli organization “Nifgashim” that thousands of soldiers of this regime who came from Gaza have returned, suffering from post-traumatic stress and anxiety disorder. According to the managing director of this institution, more than 10,000 reservists of the Israeli army have requested psychotherapy services.

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