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The death of 14 Jordanian pilgrims in Mecca

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Jordan announced the death of a number of pilgrims from this country due to the heat in Saudi Arabia.

to the report Mehr News Agency, issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs A statement announced the death of 14 pilgrims from this country during this year’s Hajj ceremony in Saudi Arabia.

The statement published in this regard states: 14 of our pilgrims in Saudi Arabia died during this year’s Hajj ceremony, which is often related to The reason was the high heat of this country. Also, 17 Jordanian pilgrims are missing.

The heat of the air in Saudi Arabia is extremely high, so that the temperature in Makkah is expected to reach 47 degrees Celsius on Monday. Since pilgrims are under direct sunlight for most of the day, the risk of dying from the heat is high, especially among the elderly.

According to the statistical data of the Saudi authorities, this year one million and 800 thousand pilgrims to the land of revelation and. Overcrowding, tent fires, and heat have been among the main most reasons for the death of pilgrims in the past 30 years.

In the deadliest incident for Hajj pilgrims in recent decades, 2,700 pilgrims died in 2015 due to overcrowding and improper management.

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