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Hezbollah’s actions can have devastating consequences for Lebanon and the entire region

The spokesperson of the Zionist regime's army continued Tel Aviv's frustration with Hezbollah's actions and drew a line for this movement.

to the report according to Al-Jazeera news agency, which is now the focus has focused on the war in Gaza and is facing a serious challenge in the northern front, which is the same issue in Tel Aviv. > has forced him to deploy a part of his army on the border with Lebanon to confront Hezbollah.

Accordingly, Daniel Hagari, the spokesman of the Zionist regime’s army, referring to the desperation of this regime in confronting Lebanon’s Hezbollah, said: Hezbollah’s actions in firing missiles and rockets towards us can cause a serious escalation of tensions.

He claimed: Hizbollah’s actions in increasing hostility are bringing us to the edge of what is a widespread tension. This issue can have devastating consequences for Lebanon and the entire region.

Hagari Referring to the painful blows of Hezbollah to the Zionist regime in the last few months, Khater He showed: Israel will do whatever it takes to protect its citizens so that peace returns to the northern borders once again.

These words come after Hezbollah’s massive attack on the occupied territories last week, which is the biggest attack since the beginning of the Gaza war.

Now, France and America are mediating with the Lebanese side in order to end the border conflict between the two sides in order to protect the interests of the Zionist regime. Tel Aviv for fear of Hizbollah attacks in the town of


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