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The mission of intercepting NATO fighters over the Baltic Sea

Latvia's defense ministry announced that NATO fighter jets had carried out missions to detect unmarked Russian military aircraft in international airspace over the Baltic Sea, in which 22 Russian fighter jets were intercepted in the country's airspace.
– International News

According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency quoting The Austrian newspaper “De Presse”, the Ministry of Defense of Lithuania announced that 22 Russian fighter planes were intercepted in the country’s airspace. Unmarked Russian military aircraft have been detected in the international airspace over the Baltic Sea.

Lithuania’s Ministry of Defense announced on Monday that a total of eleven warnings were issued last week. became. A total of 22 Russian fighter planes, fighter-bombers, reconnaissance and transport planes, as well as a passenger plane were intercepted and escorted. , the transmitter signal or the radio call already sent, were traveling. The ministry linked the relatively high number of these missions to several military exercises that the Baltic states conduct at the national level and together with NATO allies. Accordingly, the annual large-scale naval exercise “Operation Baltic” (Baltops) is currently taking place in the Baltic Sea, in which more than 50 ships and boats from 20 NATO countries are participating. On land, more than 3,700 soldiers from Lithuania and other NATO countries were trained in the “Iron Wolf 2024-1” exercise.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania fighter jets They don’t have a person. Therefore, since 2004, NATO has ensured the security of the Baltic airspace. For this purpose, the Allies regularly transfer their warplanes and personnel to the northeastern European states that border Russia. These units are located in Siauliai (Lithuania) and Lielvarde (Latvia). Germany has also undertaken this task many times and has participated in the “NATO Air Police of the Baltic States” since the beginning of March.

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