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Zionist official: Nasrallah rules the northern front of Israel

A Zionist official in northern occupied Palestine strongly attacked Netanyahu and other officials of this regime, asserting that Nasrallah rules the northern front and Israel cannot do anything.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, while after the intensification of Hezbollah’s operations against the Zionists In the north of Occupied Palestine, the officials and circles of the occupation regime have intensified the criticism of the cabinet and the army of this regime due to the deep chaos and disorder that the northern front is caught in, the Hebrew newspaper Ha’aretz in response to the trip of controversial American envoy Amos Hochstein. announced to the occupied territories and Beirut with the aim of establishing a ceasefire on the borders of Lebanon and occupied Palestine: Hochstein’s efforts are futile; Because the first and main condition for Hezbollah to stop its operations in the north of Israel (occupied Palestine) is to stop the war in Gaza. Therefore, the ceasefire agreement with Hezbollah passes through Gaza and there is no other way in this field.

On the other hand, the local authorities of the Zionist regime in the towns bordering Lebanon point to the great dangers that are against these towns. and announced that their residents cannot return to their homes. In a conversation with the Zionist regime’s radio, Shahrak al-Mutlah said: The one who decides what will happen in the north of Israel is (Sayed) Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary general of Hezbollah and his party. It is not with Hezbollah, and the war in the north is managed in a one-sided manner, that is, by Hezbollah; Where Hezbollah attacks us and we cannot do anything.

This Zionist official further attacked Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of this regime and said: Israeli leaders are afraid of making decisions. Cabinet Israel must wake up before it is too late.

Hezbollah has shut down Israel’s economy in the north

On the other hand, the Hebrew newspaper Yediot In a report on the damage caused to the northern front of occupied Palestine as a result of Hezbollah’s operations, Aharanot pointed out and emphasized: Hezbollah’s rockets have caused significant damage to the trade and tourism sector in the city of Safad, which was considered one of the main destinations for tourists and whose markets were always crowded. While the Israeli cabinet refuses to pay compensation to the residents of this city.

This Zionist media added: The stores in Safed city have been closed due to the lack of customers and tourists, and the Israeli cabinet has completely abandoned this city. . In addition to that, the companies in Safad city pay between 5000 and 8000 dollars in damages every month, while they are still obliged to pay rent, taxes and electricity bills. They used to offer different products, they have been closed; Because the sound of the danger siren is constantly ringing in the vicinity of more than 300 exhibitions in the city of Safed. Exhibitions were considered one of the main sources of income in Safed city.

This Zionist newspaper emphasized: Hezbollah missiles have led to the burning of more than 58 thousand dunums of forests in the Golan Heights and the Galilee region.

Israel cannot deal with Hezbollah’s missiles and drones

In addition, “Ishaq Barak”, the reserve general of the Zionist army and the former officer of the complaints of the soldiers of this regime, admitted that Israel is facing a strategic failure.

This Zionist general in a conversation with the radio of the occupying regime announced: Any decision by Netanyahu to attack Lebanon will bring a deadly disaster for Israel and we cannot stand against missiles and Let’s stop the Hezbollah drones.

He added: In addition, the war with Lebanon will inevitably turn into a regional war in which dozens or even thousands of missiles and drones will be fired at us every day. The question is what Israel can really do in this situation. Currently, the situation is extremely shocking for the residents of the northern settlements, and the Gaza war continues only for the benefit of Netanyahu.

Ishaq Barak stated: We have greatly reduced the capacity of the Israeli army within 20 years; To the extent that this army cannot even defeat Hamas. What is happening today in Rafah in the south of Gaza is a shame. In fact, it is not the Israeli army that is fighting Hamas, it is Hamas that is ambushing and killing Israeli forces on the roads.

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