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On October 7th, a Zionist tank killed 13 settlers

According to the results of the investigation of the Zionist army about the events of the Zionist settlement "Kibbutz Beiri" located around Gaza, on October 7th of last year, a Zionist tank killed 13 settlers.

According to Webangah News quoted by Mehr News, citing Al Jazeera, the Zionist army published the results of its investigation regarding the events of the Zionist settlement “Kibbutz Beiri” located around the Gaza Strip.

The Zionist Army announced in the report of the results of this investigation: The events of October 7th in Kibbutz Beiri are a heinous failure and a painful and embarrassing failure.

According to the results of this investigation, one of the tanks of the Zionist regime on the 7th of October last year and the start of the Al-Aqsa storm operation under the pretext of the presence of Hamas fighters and some Zionist prisoners In one of the buildings located in the Zionist settlement of Beiri, a fire was opened towards this building.

The Zionist army admitted that 13 Zionist settlers were killed as a result of this Israeli tank firing at the said building.

Based on the results of this investigation, on the 7th of October last year, the soldiers of the Zionist regime reached the entrance of the Zionist settlement of Beiri, but even though the Palestinian resistance fighters in this have been present in the settlement and the conflict has continued in this settlement, they have refused to enter Beiri for hours.

In the meantime, on Monday of this week, the Zionist newspaper Haaretz announced in a report that new research shows that the Israeli army during the October 7th attack by Hamas followed Hannibal instructions. Directive) had been implemented.

According to this instruction, due to the consequences of Zionist captivity by the enemies of this regime, every possible means should be used to prevent this from happening. In this instruction, the soldiers are allowed to attack the car or the location of the Zionist prisoners, even if this leads to the death of the prisoners.

The soldiers and senior officials of the Zionist regime admitted in a conversation with Ha’aretz magazine that Hannibal’s instructions were issued in the October 7th attack and the vehicle carrying the prisoners was supposed to be targeted. The direct order of the Zionist command is that not even a vehicle carrying prisoners should return to the Gaza Strip.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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