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Putin’s willingness to cooperate with China in the military and space fields

On Wednesday, in a meeting with a high-ranking Chinese military official, the Russian president called for closer cooperation between the two countries in the field of military satellites and advanced weapons.

According to the international group of Fars news agency, the Russian president met with one of the high-ranking generals of China on Wednesday and emphasized the continuation of military and space cooperation.

According to the report of “LBC news network website, Russian President Vladimir Putin told General Zhang, China’s top military official, that Moscow and Beijing should expand their cooperation in the field of military satellites and other defense technologies.

Putin said: “I mean [cooperation in the field of] space, including equipment for deployment in high-Earth orbit and all kinds of new weapons that will ensure the strategic security of Russia and China.”

He said: “While Russia and China do not have any military alliance based on the Cold War patterns, their cooperation is a serious factor in stabilizing the international situation.”

Putin In the meeting with General Zhang, he noted that NATO is looking to expand its sphere of influence in the Asia-Pacific region. General Zhang is also from Russia because of his resistance to Western pressure. welcomed and said: “Russia under your leadership will stand firm against Western sanctions.”

Recently, Chinese and Russian naval forces held a joint exercise in the Sea of ​​Japan.

According to the Ministry of Defense of China, this exercise is dedicated to the issue of maintaining the security of strategic sea lines and aims to improve “strategic interaction between Chinese and Russian forces, strengthen the joint ability to maintain Regional peace and stability and responding to various challenges in the field of security are done.” And Moscow continues on issues such as the war in Ukraine and Taiwan.

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