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Tel Aviv has requested the “Switchblade-600” drone from the United States

The media reported on Wednesday that the Israeli regime submitted a request to the United States and requested 200 attack drones “Switch Blade-600” to hunt armored vehicles.

According to Fars News Agency International Group, the media reported on Wednesday that the Zionist regime recently submitted a request to the United States and sent 200 Switch Blade-600 attack drones.

According to the website “Defense Scope” Some Pentagon officials, who did not want to be identified, confirmed that these drones are high-tech It is one of the weapons that the leaders of Tel Aviv have requested from their American counterparts and this request is now being considered.

Switch Blade-600 drones It is designed to destroy armored vehicles and other targets. This drone is equipped with resolution sensors and high tracking power.

Recently, a group of protesters supporting the rights of Palestinians in the Gaza war during the loading of weapons cargo of an American ship to send military weapons to the occupied territories in Tacoma port. America located in “Washington” gathered and took action to prevent this action and chanted protest slogans.

Earlier, another gathering by the same group of protesters supporting the rights of the Palestinian people took place in the port of Oakland, California, and now with the escalation and continuation of the conflicts between The Zionist regime and Hamas, the protests against the US military aid to the Zionist regime have increased. It is the Zionist regime. The American government has increased military and intelligence aid to Tel Aviv especially since the war between the Zionist regime and Hamas. The head of the US Defense Intelligence Agency said that the US is providing intelligence assistance to Israel to identify external threats from neighboring countries. Brier said that the US is providing this intelligence assistance to Israel in a situation where Israel is focusing on Hamas. He said: “The Israelis are now really looking to destroy Hamas.”

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