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Al-Arouri: Some Arab countries are intercepting resistance missiles

While praising the performance of the Islamic resistance of Lebanon in supporting the people of Gaza, the deputy of the Hamas political office pointed out that some Arab countries are intercepting the missiles fired by the resistance to the occupied territories.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, Saleh Al-Arouri, Deputy Head of the Political Bureau of Hamas, this evening (Wednesday), in a speech that was broadcast on the Palestinian network “Al-Aqsa”, explained the situation of the war in the Gaza Strip. Kurds.

Deputy head of the political office of Hamas said: “The more the army of the occupying regime advances in Gaza, the more their losses and deaths will increase. The statements of the occupiers about the presence of the Hamas command under the Al-Shafa hospital are very ridiculous, and I officially say that this hospital is like any other hospital. Another civilian hospital is part of the health system. In this hospital, only sick and displaced people are served”.

Saleh al-Arouri also stated: “The performance of the Lebanese resistance has been special and advanced. Despite the fact that some Arab countries are intercepting resistance missiles (referring to the Yemeni resistance), we insist on attacking the occupiers from the Arab countries. We trust our brothers in Hezbollah”.

Al-Aroori warned the Zionist regime in another part of his speech and said: “Gaza is much bigger than you and not yours! You cannot defeat the resistance in Gaza, neither you nor anyone else. Soon we will see an honorable response from the West Bank. Despite the crimes of the occupiers in the West Bank and despite the heavy burden on the shoulders of the West Bank, they have never left us alone.

He also emphasized: “The occupiers may dominate some areas , but the face-to-face war with tanks and soldiers will not stop and the occupiers will drown in the swamp that the resistance has prepared for them”.

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