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Israeli analysts: Netanyahu brags about the achievements of the war, but the reality on the ground is something else

While the main leaders of this war, especially Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke yesterday on the occasion of one month of the war against Gaza, these claims convinced even the military experts of the Zionist media.

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according to the Hebrew group Tasnim News, according to the vast majority of Zionist experts, military victories Even after using 30,000 tons of explosives against a small spot like the Gaza Strip, its claim cannot be touched until this moment.

Many of These media asked that after this massive attack, not even a picture of a resistance tunnel in Gaza that was blown up by the Israeli military was shown to the public, nor was there any news about the surrender of Hamas fighters or the bodies of the dead Palestinian fighters. In relation to the assassination or murder of one of the prominent leaders of the resistance, it has not been made available to the media. Channel 13 of the Zionist regime said: From my conversation with various Israeli military sources, I came to the conclusion that there is no sign of wavering in the Hamas forces, but they say that they will win at the end of the road.

This analyst asks in the same context, there is no doubt about the power of the army, but the question is when and at what cost and loss of life will be realized, today we witness the economic We are collapsing and 200,000 displaced people have moved from the south and the north. The newspaper published, wrote, “After accompanying the Israeli army forces around Gaza, I must say that the next few days will be the last stage and the most decisive time in the war against Hamas, because after that Israel will no longer be able to resist the pressure to stop the war.” It won’t be, especially since the agreement to return the abductees is on the table and the hands of the ceasefire clock are moving fast.

Abta revealed that, since the first week of the war, the Americans have been trying to arrange a partial agreement with the civilians, but the successive rounds of conflict caused their efforts to fail.

Amos Hariel, a military analyst of Haaretz newspaper, also wrote in today’s issue of this newspaper: What the Israeli Intelligence Service knows about the tunnels in Gaza is very different from the size and strength and capacity of this project.

Harail warns in the continuation of this article, which was chosen as the main headline of today’s issue of Ha’arts, that very complicated war conditions have prevailed, this complexity It is much more than what Netanyahu is trying to show and claims to represent an exceptional achievement.

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