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Al-Arouri: The resistance will not fail and will definitely win

Saleh al-Arouri, the deputy head of the Hamas political office, announced on Wednesday evening: the occupiers will remove more of their destroyed tanks and dead soldiers from Gaza.

– International news

according to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, he said the words of the occupiers regarding the following Hamas leaders He described Al-Shifa Hospital as very absurd words.

Al-Qassam soldiers destroyed 16 armored vehicles in whole or in part with God’s help this morning. Sodom, a sniper operation was carried out against the Zionist forces and the infantry forces of the Zionist army were targeted with different weapons.

who supported the resistance and our nation in Gaza has demonstrated his human values. It belongs to you and not to you, and neither you nor anyone else will be able to defeat the resistance in Gaza.

He added: Performance The axis of resistance, especially Hezbollah and the Yemenis, is leading.

This Hamas leader pointed out, we want maximum participation in the resistance and participation in the Storm operation. We are al-Aqsa.

Hamas: The Zionist regime is suffering blows that can only be imagined in its worst nightmares. wouldn’t
Hamas: Only Al-Aqsa storm operation could revive the Palestinian movement is/ the enemy continues to retreat
Hamas: the occupiers cannot by lying cover their failures/ Israel’s losses are much more than what it declares This is not the war of Gaza, but the war of Quds, and all the free people of the world who have an awakened conscience should participate in it. settle in the areas and stop the firing of missiles in those areas, but they cannot stop the struggle of the resistance fighters against the Zionist tanks and soldiers, the more their presence in the area, the more their casualties will increase.

I officially declare that first of all, the policy of the terrorist enemy is to move the residents of Gaza from the north to the south, although originally they wanted to move out of Gaza, but the first step Moving out of Gaza failed and the second stage was justified by failure.

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