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Reuters: Hezbollah’s anti-ship missiles are a threat to the US Navy

Informed sources told Reuters that the anti-ship missiles in Hezbollah’s arsenal double the group’s threat to the US Navy.

According to the report of Fars International News Agency, sources familiar with Hezbollah’s missile power told Reuters that anti-ship missiles in Hezbollah’s arsenal double the group’s threat to the US Navy.

These sources, who asked to remain anonymous, say that Hezbollah has achieved the ability to build the Russian “Yakhont” missile with a range of 300 kilometers, and this has strengthened the movement’s anti-ship capabilities.

According to Reuters, one of the sources said that Hezbollah’s anti-ship capabilities have greatly developed since 2006 and the possible use of this type of missile by Hezbollah against hostile warships would indicate that the conflict has turned into a major regional war. /p>

Reuters also quoted three current and one former US government official as saying: “Hezbollah has produced an impressive array of weapons, including anti-ship missiles.”

One ​​of these officials said without commenting directly on whether Hezbollah has the Yakhont missile or not: “Obviously, we pay a lot of attention to this issue and we take their capabilities seriously.”

The Islamic Resistance Movement of Lebanon has not yet confirmed the possession of this type of missile and has not yet reacted to this Reuters report.

It was on Friday that “Seyd Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary general of the Hezbollah movement, warned Washington during a speech about the war in the Gaza Strip: “Your ships in the Mediterranean Sea do not scare us and will never scare us.” I am telling you that we have prepared equipment for your ships with which you are threatening us.” ( More details)


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