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Half of the hospitals in Gaza are out of order/ mass killing of the wounded and the pathetic condition of the medical teams

In a situation where the condition of the hospitals in this region is terrible due to the heavy siege against Gaza and the running out of fuel, and the doctors working around the clock do not even have water or bread to eat, the occupying regime continues to deliberately attack the hospitals and the medical staff of the Gaza Strip.

– International News

According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, in the shadow of the continued brutal attacks of the Zionist regime on hospitals and centers The Palestinian Red Crescent announced that the occupying regime bombed the Quds hospital in the Gaza Strip on several occasions yesterday, which resulted in massive explosions.

Palestinian Red Crescent issued a statement and reported that we are unable to respond to the requests of citizens affected by the occupation regime’s attacks in the Quds Hospital compound and are unable to provide assistance to them. Services in Gaza hospitals have decreased due to severe lack of fuel.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza also announced that the situation in Quds Hospital has reached a very critical stage and the hospital’s main generator was stopped after running out of fuel. And there were attempts to use solar energy to pump water into the hospital, which also targets the occupants of the facility. The condition of this hospital in terms of water and food is also very critical and the occupiers bombed the convoy that was on the way to Quds Hospital and there is no safe place in Gaza.

According to the report of the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, 18 of the 35 hospitals in Gaza are out of order. A press conference announced that the communication of the Red Crescent Society with the medical staff of Quds Hospital has been completely cut off due to the heavy bombings of the occupying regime, and due to running out of fuel, the electricity in the operating room of the hospital has been cut off and the equipment of the intensive care unit has also been disabled. He added that there are attempts to use two small generators to supply electricity for vital purposes and attempts to use solar energy for pumping water, but some of these systems were targeted by the Zionist regime. And they were destroyed.

This Palestinian official emphasized that the situation of Quds hospital is critical not only in terms of fuel, but also in terms of water and food supply, and so far no aid has been sent from the Rafah crossing to hospitals in the north of the Gaza Strip, including the hospital Al-Shifa, Quds, and Indonesia have not arrived.

The occupiers are deliberately targeting medical teams

On the other hand, Dr. Mohammad Zaqout, director of hospitals in the Gaza Strip, Talks with Sputnik warned of the massacre of thousands of patients within hours of running out of fuel and stated that the occupation regime was directly targeting medical staff and ambulances. The Zionist regime also prevents the entry of volunteer doctors and nurses from different countries into Gaza, and for this reason, the medical staff members in Gaza have to work around the clock and far beyond their capacity.

He added that the occupiers of all hospitals They are targeting Gaza, and the most recent one was Al-Nasr Children’s Hospital, Psychiatric Hospital, Indonesia Hospital, and Al-Quds Hospital. 6 public hospitals and more than 10 private hospitals in the Gaza Strip are completely out of order. In addition to fuel, there is a big problem in providing medicine, water and food, especially in the north of Gaza, and it can be said that these basic services have become rare in the north of Gaza, and neither the patients nor the medical staff can find even bread and water.

Dr. Zagout stated, this is while the hospitals are full of patients and injured and more than 200% of the capacity of the hospitals are filled and the occupiers do not allow the transfer of patients outside of Gaza. In the shadow of intense and continuous attacks, we are facing a significant number of wounded and martyrs, many of whom need surgery, and in the shadow of the lack of facilities, the situation becomes much more difficult.

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Massacre of the injured due to lack of medical equipment

The official of Gaza hospitals emphasized that many injured people die due to the lack of medical equipment. Power outages as a result of lack of fuel means a huge slaughter in all hospitals, especially in the northern Gaza region. We resorted to many methods of electricity supply and tried to use solar energy, but the occupiers are bombing all the installations. All the attacks of the Zionist enemy on Gaza hospitals are planned and deliberate and directly target the medical staff.

He continued, the occupiers want to destroy everything in Gaza. Doctors also have very difficult conditions and many of them have lost their families and while doing their work, they notice the martyrdom of their children and family members. They don’t even have time to rest. Central care drugs and anesthetic drugs, antibiotics and burn drugs, medical equipment for fracture repair, X-ray machines, etc., are the most important needs of the medical sector in Gaza, and we also lack basic facilities.

Dekker Zakout said that even before the war, the occupiers prevented many medical equipment from entering Gaza, and we were suffering from a 45% shortage of medicine and medical facilities, which became very terrible and indescribable after the beginning of the enemy’s aggression. Doctors here work continuously for more than 16 hours and in the end they don’t even find a few dates to eat. In this context, “Ahmad Al Manzari”, the regional director of the World Health Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean, pointing out that The health situation in Gaza is painful and catastrophic, he emphasized, the hospitals that are still active in Gaza cannot provide health and medical services. C-section services are completely out of reach and the lives of mothers and babies are in serious danger. The World Health Organization has announced the martyrdom of at least 192 members of the medical staff in the Gaza Strip due to the brutal aggression of the occupying regime. He emphasized that after the bombing of a large number of hospitals, medical centers and ambulances, as well as due to the depletion of fuel reserves, the Gaza health department is no longer able to provide services to the injured.

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