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South Africa summoned the ambassador of the Zionist regime

The South African government has summoned the ambassador of the Zionist regime in order to formally protest against him regarding his insulting words.

According to the report of Fars International News Agency, a South African foreign policy official told Reuters news agency on Wednesday that the country’s government has summoned the ambassador of the Zionist regime with the aim of officially reprimanding him for making offensive statements.


Recently, the South African media reported that one of the cabinet ministers of President Cyril Ramaphosa said that he has ordered the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation in his government to take action against the ambassador of the Zionist regime in this country. And at the same time, South African diplomats should be called from Tel Aviv for consultation.

According to this official, the South African government cabinet continues insulting statements of Israeli ambassador Elio Blotserkovsky about the opponents of crime and genocide. Tel Aviv pointed in Gaza. He said the position of the Israeli ambassador in South Africa is becoming very indefensible and added that the cabinet has decided to instruct the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation to take necessary measures through diplomatic channels and protocols to deal with his behavior.

A day after this article was published, “Zane Dangore”, the director general of the South African Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation, told Reuters news agency that Blotserkowski had gone to the ministry to formally protest his words. has been summoned.

Naldi Pandour, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Africa, said earlier: “The Israeli trip recently made a series of comments without any discussions with high-ranking members of the South African government. He has complained. I don’t know if their motivation was that because this is an African country, they wanted to disrespect us, but we shouldn’t tolerate this.” The ambassador of the Zionist regime also spoke about his country, but said that no decision has been made yet.

The South African government on Monday reiterated its opposition to the bombing of Gaza and said that the Zionist regime and the United States They undermine international laws and Security Council resolutions.

A senior government official said: “Israel threatens the stability of the world system with its behavior against the Palestinians.” America’s support for Israel enables it to threaten the international system of multilateralism and good governance and threaten the peaceful world order.” The Zionist regime pointed to schools, hospitals, ambulances and civilians and said, “As previously stated, genocide cannot be tolerated in front of the eyes of the international community… and the South African government has decided to recall all its diplomats from Tel Aviv for consultation.”

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