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Ehud Olmert: Netanyahu has suffered a mental breakdown/ Every minute of his prime ministership is dangerous for Israel

One of the former prime ministers of the occupying regime, who has the bitter experience of defeat against Hezbollah, criticized the performance of the Zionist officials in managing the Gaza war and announced that Netanyahu is psychologically broken and that every minute of his prime ministership is dangerous for Israel.

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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, in a situation that the tension and differences between the political and military leaders of the Zionist regime have increased after the failure in the Al-Aqsa storm operation, and that Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of the occupying regime, is still trying to escape from the responsibility of this failure, Ehud Olmert, the then prime minister of the occupying regime, whose cabinet He fell in the July 2006 war after a crushing defeat against Hezbollah. In response to the current war between the occupying regime and the Palestinian resistance, he said that Netanyahu has suffered a mental breakdown due to his failure to protect Israel’s internal security.

Olmert stated in an interview with the American newspaper “Politico” that Netanyahu is now wrong in his calculations when he says that he is ready for complete control over Gaza for an unlimited period of time after the “annihilation” of Hamas. Netanyahu is in a state of nervous breakdown and mental breakdown and is trying to prevent himself from being removed from power after failing to protect Israel’s internal security against Hamas attacks.

He clarified, this means that Israel has deviated from its strategic path. Now the priority should be to negotiate with the international community to end this situation and return to negotiations for the establishment of the Palestinian state. Instead of turning back the clock. Every minute that Netanyahu is prime minister is dangerous for Israel. I’m sure the Americans understand that he is in a very bad situation.

The former prime minister of the occupation regime also warned that the patience of Israel’s western allies is running out due to the failure of Netanyahu and his ministers to The formulation of a realistic plan for the administration of Gaza in the “post-Hamas” era is nearing completion. We may be able to do many things, but we cannot do everything we want.

“Dani Yatom”, the former head of the Mossad spy service, also criticized Netanyahu’s hasty actions in the war. Gaza said, Netanyahu has dealt many blows to Israel and continues to do so during the Gaza war. Netanyahu always considers his own interests first and then Israel’s interests. Netanyahu is a dirty and inappropriate person and should be removed. The fact is that despite Netanyahu, Israel is falling apart, or rather, it is almost falling apart. The war with Gaza is very similar to Ehud Olmert’s situation in the final days of the 33-day war with Hezbollah.

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Ehud Olmert, who started the July 2006 war after the Zionists’ humiliating defeat of the resistance in southern Lebanon in 2000, hoping for a historic victory, finally had to withdraw from it with a more humiliating defeat than in 2000. At that time, Olmert, like Netanyahu’s recent situation, was exposed to harsh criticism from Israel’s internal circles. Nizami had received to defend himself and his cabinet and the policy they had in this war; However, the “Vinograd” commission (the Israeli investigative committee that was formed on September 17, 2006 to investigate the performance of the officials and soldiers of this regime during the 33-day war with Hezbollah in Tel Aviv with the most authority) considered him the main culprit of the failure in this war and reported that Olmert started the war with Lebanon without planning and in a hasty manner.

After the report of the Winograd Committee, whispers of Ehud Olmert’s resignation were gradually heard, and finally He resigned from this position in September 2008 due to many struggles. At that time, in a meeting held to review Ehud Olmert’s resignation, Benjamin Netanyahu, who headed the far-right Likud party, addressed Olmert and said: “The lack of deterrent power is not the problem of the army, but the problem of political circles.” You say you can fix everything, but how are you going to do that when the problem is you? You will not learn from the experience, because the real lesson to be learned is you.

Then in April 2009 Benjamin Netanyahu replaced Olmert and now after two The decade is in a much worse situation than Olmert.

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