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Al-Sisi addressed the head of the CIA: Cairo will never play a role in destroying Hamas

The Egyptian president rejected the proposal of the head of the CIA regarding the security administration of the Gaza Strip and announced that his government will never play a role in destroying Hamas.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, media sources, referring to the meeting between William Burns, the head of the American Central Intelligence Agency known as CIA, and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Cairo, reported that al-Sisi accepted the American proposal. The security department of the Gaza Strip has denied responsibility until the Palestinian Authority takes over after the defeat of the Hamas movement by the army of the interim regime.

The American newspaper “Wall Street Journal” quoting high-ranking Egyptian officials who asked to remain anonymous, wrote: “El-Sisi and “Abbas Kamel”, the head of the Egyptian Intelligence Service, with bronze, who were in the framework of a regional trip They traveled to Cairo to investigate the situation in Gaza and consulted on this issue. In this meeting, the Egyptian president emphasized that his government will never play a role in the destruction of Hamas because Cairo needs Hamas to maintain security on its borders with the Gaza Strip. Jordan’s foreign affairs also emphasized last night (November 8) that its country does not accept possible scenarios after the war between Israel and Gaza and opposes the proposals regarding the administration of Gaza after the end of the war by Arab or non-Arab forces.

He clarified: Hamas is an endless idea and anyone who wants a different situation must respect the rights of the Palestinian people.

This At the same time, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, who despite 34 days of continuous bombing of the Gaza Strip and 13 days of ground operations with the stated aim of destroying Hamas, still has not achieved anything except the destruction of the Gaza Strip and the martyrdom, injury and displacement of thousands of Palestinians, and he still has to witness the shooting. rockets of the resistance towards the occupied lands and hunting the Zionist soldiers, suggested that Israel take control of the security of Gaza after the war and the alleged destruction of the resistance. Gaza by Israeli forces” and prefers that another Arab party take responsibility for this, and Egypt, which shares a border with the Gaza Strip, is the best option from Washington’s point of view to assume this responsibility until it is handed over to the Palestinian Authority.

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