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Hungary: Ukraine brings the war to the European Union

In response to the decision of the European Union to start membership negotiations with Ukraine if the remaining conditions are met, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary said that with the acceptance of Ukraine, the European Union will also face a war.

According to the report of Fars International News Agency, “Peter Siarto”, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, said on Wednesday that the conditions for the European Union to review Ukraine’s membership in this bloc are not suitable.

He made these statements in response to the European Commission’s proposal to expand the European Union. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Wednesday (November 8, 17) that the European Union should open accession talks with Ukraine and Moldova while granting candidate status to the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

According to the “Rasha Today” report, quoted by the Hungarian media, Ciarto said: “With the acceptance of Ukraine, the European Union will also face a war, which is clearly Nobody wants it to happen. (EU) enlargement should serve to spread peace, not bring war to the EU.

He added: it would be meaningless for Brussels to evaluate Ukraine’s progress in implementing reforms or the rule of law or any other membership criteria. There is currently a war in Ukraine, so we can see that neither freedom of the media nor freedom of speech is enforced. And we see that the elections will not be held.

In a 1,200-page report on the future expansion of the 27-member bloc, the European Union announced that negotiations should be formally completed when Kyiv meets remaining conditions, including intensifying the fight against corruption and passing legislation. The lobby should meet the standards of the European Union.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary said in the end: Since, according to the European Union, Ukraine has not met the conditions set for membership, no further steps are taken in connection with the negotiations. We don’t know about Ukraine’s accession in time.

According to Ciarto, “the EU is facing serious security and economic challenges and is getting weaker, so if it is looking to accept new members as a way to regain power Instead, he should look at the countries of the Western Balkans, the most important of which is Serbia.

The European Union has not received a new member since 2013, when Croatia accepted its membership. Earlier this year, Brussels presented a vague plan for expansion before 2030, considering the remaining countries of the former Yugoslavia, as well as Albania, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

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