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Beijing: We will make every effort for a ceasefire in Gaza

While expressing regret for the human tragedy in Gaza, the spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry stressed that Beijing is making every effort to establish a ceasefire between the Palestinians and the Zionist regime.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, “Wang Wenbin”, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China yesterday (Wednesday) in his press conference, in response to a question about Beijing’s possible actions regarding the more than one-month conflict between the Palestinians. And the Zionist regime said that China will make every effort for a ceasefire between Tel Aviv and Palestine.

According to the report of “Xinhua” news agency, the spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that Beijing as A permanent member of the UN Security Council and a responsible member of the international community will maintain close relations with the relevant parties and will make every effort to protect civilians, de-escalate tensions, and resume reconciliation talks and realize peace.

He pointed out that despite the fact that one month may be a short time for most people, but last month was terribly long for Palestinians, he continued that more than 10,000 Palestinians, including many Women and children have lost their lives.

Wang added: “As we speak, civilian casualties are increasing hour by hour. We are deeply affected by the civilian casualties on both sides of the conflict. It is painful to see the worsening humanitarian disaster in Gaza. Neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians should be the targets of armed attacks or collective punishment.” Emphasizing that violence does not lead to security and the use of force will not create lasting peace, he said that The responsibility of releasing detained civilians, protecting the safety and security of civilians and civilian facilities, opening humanitarian aid corridors and resuming dialogue and negotiation is the responsibility of the conflicting parties, and it is a goal that the international community must strive to achieve.

Wang continued that since the beginning of the Gaza conflict, China has been firmly committed to de-escalation and achieving a ceasefire, and the Chinese president has emphasized that the two-state solution is the basic way out of the frequent conflicts between the Palestinians and the Zionists.

According to Xinhua, the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has communicated with foreign ministers, presidents and political figures of 18 countries and international organizations about the developments in Gaza.

Wang stated: “The special representative of the Chinese government for Middle Eastern affairs (West Asia) has traveled to five countries in the Middle East and has attended the Cairo peace meeting on the Palestinian issue for extensive consultations with the relevant parties on this issue and is scheduled to is to participate in the international relief conference for Gaza civilians which will be held in France on November 9.

The Chinese diplomat continued that Beijing supports solidarity among Arab countries and the Islamic world. and welcomes and supports more mediation efforts to establish a ceasefire and resume peace talks.

He pointed to these cases and said that Beijing demands immediate and responsible action by the Security Council to protect civilians and is to ease the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

In the end, this Chinese diplomat called for an international peace conference to be held as soon as possible with more powers in order to create a new consensus on the return of the two-state solution to the original path. .

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