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Jordan: Hamas is an “indestructible idea” / We reject any scenario for running Gaza after the war

Jordan’s foreign minister rejected the illusionary scenarios of Americans and Zionists to manage Gaza in the current post-war period and declared that Hamas is an indestructible idea and if the rights of the Palestinian people are not given to them, the world will never achieve the stability and security it wants.

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According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, “Iman Jordanian Foreign Minister Al-Safadi announced last night that the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) is an “indestructible idea” and anyone who wants to change the current situation must return the rights of the Palestinian people.

Rejecting the statements of Americans and Zionists about the administration of Gaza after the war by Arab or non-Arab forces and the goal set by the occupying regime to “destroy” Hamas, he said that Hamas is an idea and will never be destroyed. will not If the international community does not move towards returning the rights of the Palestinian nation and establishing a Palestinian state, we will have to go back to war every 5 or 6 years, and the security and stability that the whole world wants will never be established.

Ayman al-Safadi emphasized, from the principle point of view and the supreme interests of the Palestinian nation as well as Jordan, we reject any scenario that unilaterally deals with the Gaza issue; Because these scenarios are in line with Israel’s goal to separate Gaza from the West Bank and lead us into dangerous paths that are not at all in the interest of the Palestinian nation and their cause. Today, Jordan rejects any talk about the scenarios after the Gaza war; Because the scenarios proposed in this context are unrealistic and unacceptable, and Jordan will never interact with them.

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This Jordanian official stated, our focus at this stage is on stopping the war and crimes committed against the Palestinian nation, and any other talk should be left for later. Jordan also emphasizes its position in rejecting any displacement of the Palestinian people from their own land to Jordan, and this is a declaration of war against our country, and we will deal with it with all our strength.

Ayman al-Safadi added that the project of displacing the people of Gaza and resettling them that Israel proposed at the beginning of the war failed and neither Egypt, nor Jordan, nor the Palestinian nation, nor the entire world will accept it.

Earlier, King Abdullah II of Jordan stated that his country is against any attempt to separate the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and called for an end to the Zionist crimes in the Gaza Strip.

He emphasized: We condemn the crimes against civilians in Gaza and the escalation of Israeli tension in the West Bank. The duty of the Arab countries is to put pressure on the international community and influential world powers to stop the war against Gaza, and we emphasize Jordan’s complete opposition to any attempt to separate the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

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