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Exposing the evil plan of America and the Zionist regime against the Palestinian people

A former Egyptian security official revealed the evil plan of the United States and the Zionist regime, supported by European countries, against the Palestinian people and the entire Arab region.

– International News

According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, Brigadier General Khairat Shukri, the former deputy of the security investigation agency of Egypt, by exposing the evil plan of America and the Zionist regime against the Palestinian people, announced that Israel is looking for an “alternative homeland” for the Palestinian people in order to destroy the Palestinian state from the roots and the Palestinians as ” “People without a land” are displaced in different Arab countries. He added that October 7 lit a spark on the basis of which the Sinai desert and Jordan were replaced by the people of Gaza. and the West Bank, or these people coexist with the interior of Egypt and Jordan and finally integrate into the demographic fabric of Egypt and Jordan. This is an American-Israeli project supported by European countries, which is not related to the present time; Rather, there is a long history in this field and all efforts to implement this project had failed and these efforts have been restarted.

This Egyptian security official emphasized that what What is happening now in the Gaza Strip is the introduction of America and Israel to implement the project of an alternative homeland with the coexistence of Palestinians with Arab countries far from Gaza and the West Bank, so that Gaza is the next way for Israel to realize Israel’s dream (evil plan) of Nile to the Euphrates.

Brigadier Shukri said, if there is an Arab dream that he believes, the Palestinian aspiration is an Arab aspiration and the aspiration of every Muslim or Christian Arab. This evil plan of Israel will never come true. Only with this Arab dream can Israel’s conspiratorial plans be stopped.

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The former deputy of the security research apparatus of Egypt emphasized that the plan of an alternative homeland for the Palestinians and the strong military movements of the United States supported by the countries European shows that the Gaza Strip is part of a wider project that targets the entire Arab region.

According to Tasnim, after a few days of aggression by the occupying regime in The Gaza Strip, a Sindhi-language Hebrew media revealed that the Minister of Information of the Zionist regime has officially demanded the deportation of all Palestinians living in Gaza to the Sinai region of Egypt after the end of their genocidal operation in this region.

According to this, the Hebrew-language newspaper Calcalist reported in a report that Israel’s Minister of Information (Regime) Jila Gamaliel advised the Palestinians who survive the operation (genocide) in the Gaza Strip. , moved to the Sinai region in Egypt. This step is done in three stages, firstly, the creation of tent cities in Sinai and exactly in the southwest of the Gaza Strip, the creation of a human crossing to send aid to the residents of this area, and finally, the construction of a city in the north of Sinai for them and their permanent settlement there. /p>

In this connection, Yedioth Aharanot newspaper wrote that the Israeli regime in a new proposal to Egypt asked this country if it agrees to settle the people of Gaza in the Sinai Peninsula, Tel Aviv is ready. pay Cairo’s debt to the International Monetary Bank.

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