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Kremlin: America and Ukraine understand that it is impossible to defeat Russia

The spokesman of the Kremlin Palace today pointed out that Washington and Kiev’s efforts in the war with Russia are useless, and pointed out that 96% of the US’s dedicated budget for Ukraine has been consumed.

According to Fars News Agency International Group, “Dmitry Peskov”, the spokesperson of the Russian Federation Presidency, said today (Thursday) that it is time for America and Ukraine to understand that it is impossible to defeat Russia.

Pskov explained in an interview with “Russia TV” that Washington and Kiev should believe in the futility of confrontation and military conflict with Russia, despite the West’s huge support for Ukraine.

According to “Sputnik” news agency, he said about this: “It is time for everyone in Kiev and Washington to understand that it is impossible to defeat Russia on the battlefield”.

The spokesman of the Kremlin, in response to the White House’s admission that 96% of the budget allocated to Ukraine has been consumed, clarified: “In fact, America recently spends more than 200 million dollars per hour to settle its debts”.

Pskov, in response to the executive’s statement that the current American government, like the previous governments, can easily print money without backing, said that Washington will soon run out of the necessary papers to print money.

Previously, “Vyacheslav Volodin” the head of the Russian Duma (Parliament) said that Western countries have understood that Ukraine cannot win against Russia even with NATO’s military and financial support. (more details)

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