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Hizbullah official: Prolonging the war and the ground invasion of Gaza will not achieve the occupation’s goals

Referring to the invincibility of the people of Gaza and the fighters of the resistance, the deputy head of the Hezbollah executive council announced that the prolongation of the war and the land invasion of the occupiers in Gaza will never bring them to their goals and that the resistance and the Palestinian people are the winners of this war.

– International News

According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, Sheikh ” Speaking about the process of confronting the resistance against the occupiers in southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, Ali Utfoush, the deputy head of the Lebanese Hezbollah executive council, announced that today we are counting on the patience and stability of the people of Gaza and the heroes of the resistance. Not on the emergency meetings of the Arab leaders.

Ground attack and prolonging the war will not achieve the enemy’s goals

Sheikh Utfoosh announced in his Friday prayer sermons that the people of Gaza and the resistance fighters are fighting with the enemy with determination, courage and high will, and in the ground battle, unimaginable losses have been inflicted on the ranks of the occupying regime’s army and its equipment. have entered The ground attack on Gaza and the prolongation of the war will never achieve the goals of the occupying regime and will not come to fruition. This Hezbollah official added that if the enemy is counting on the continuation The killings and destruction on the one hand and the siege operation and the ground invasion of Gaza City on the other hand, enable it to crush or defeat the resistance and make the people of Gaza surrender, knowing that the people who come out from under the rubble and their commitment They express to the resistance that they will never fail and will not abandon their land. They cannot be faced, they are never defeated, and no power can destroy the resistance. Today’s battle with the occupiers in Lebanon and Palestine is a battle of patience, endurance, persistence, stability and preventing the enemy from achieving their goals, and we are sure that the steadfastness of resistance and the legendary steadfastness of our people in Gaza and Lebanon will lead to a definite victory, God willing. will strike.

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He added that the brutality of the Zionists in the Gaza Strip reveals the reality and the true nature of the fake Israeli regime; A regime that insults humanity and all nations of the world. The supporters of this barbaric regime are also partners in its crimes and should be ashamed of what the Zionists are doing to civilians, patients, homes, hospitals, etc. and should be ashamed of defending the crimes of this regime with prohibited weapons against civilians.

Mohammed Raad stressed, we know the interests of our nation and the way to achieve our goals, and our mission is to do our duty in a way that leads to the victory of Gaza. and its people and stop the barbaric aggression of the invaders and destroy all the enemy’s targets. We never leave the scene and let the enemy do whatever he wants; That too in a situation where the international supporters of the Zionist regime are making this regime more brazen in order to intensify its aggression against Gaza.

This Hezbollah official said in the end, the resistance of the people of Gaza and the whole The Palestinian nation will not leave and will continue its pressure to stop the occupation’s brutal aggression against Gaza.

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