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Al-Mayadeen: The US Remilan base in Syria was attacked

Syrian sources reported the attack on the American Remilan base deep in Syria and the sound of an explosion was heard in this base.

According to the report of the international group of Fars news agency, Syrian sources announced that at noon today (Saturday, November 20) several explosions were heard at the American base in the village of “Ramilan” in Al-Hasakah province of Syria.

According to Al-Mayadin, the American base in Remilan village has been targeted. Yesterday, the Iraqi resistance forces announced a successful drone attack on the US Al-Tanf base in the Syrian border triangle with Iraq and Jordan. announced with different weapons and announced that it has targeted the American base “Harir” in Erbil province with two drones.

America’s Remilan base in northeastern Syria


Following these attacks, the Ministry of Defense The United States has announced that since October 17, 56 soldiers of this country have been wounded in about 46 attacks against the positions of the American army in West Asia.

Iraqi resistance operations against American forces in Syria And Iraq continues at the same time as the battle of Storm Al-Aqsa. Abu Alaa Al-Wolaei, the general secretary of the Seyyed al-Shohda Brigades in Iraq, has said that the resistance operation will not stop unless the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip stop. and withdraw their “civilian” in Iraq, in addition to the departure of the ambassador and the main staff, within a week.

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