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Bloody clashes in the West Bank / curfew announced in Tulkarem / the number of Palestinian martyrs reached 7

During the massive attack of the Zionist forces on the West Bank, there was a bloody conflict between them and the Palestinian youth, during which a large number of Palestinians were martyred and injured.
– International News

According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, while simultaneously with the crimes of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip, The regime’s repeated and brutal aggressions continue in various areas of the West Bank. Last night, the Zionist forces launched a massive attack on the city and camp of Tulkarm and targeted the Palestinians with bullets and drones.

Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that the number of Palestinian martyrs who were martyred during the Zionist military attack on Tulkarem in the West Bank by the regime’s military bullets has increased to 6. A 26-year-old Palestinian, who was injured in the early morning attack by the Zionist occupation forces, died due to the severity of his injuries. Thus, 6 Palestinians were killed and 9 others were injured in the attack of the occupying forces on Tulkarem. The condition of 3 of them is critical.

On the other hand, this morning, a Palestinian youth was killed by a bullet from the Zionist forces near the city of Beit Ainun in the northeast of Hebron.

Wafa news agency reported that last night, the Zionist forces attacked a 20-year-old Palestinian named “Mohammed Abdul Majid Al-Halaiqah” who was from al-Sheyukh area at the entrance of Beit Ainun city and prevented the arrival of an ambulance and his treatment. He was shot and left on the ground until he was martyred. The occupying forces also confiscated the body of this young Palestinian.

A press source in Ramallah reported that the occupation forces have imposed a curfew in Tulkarm camp and dropped threatening notices inside this camp.

div class=”markup-container readmore-container”>successful resistance operations in the West Bank/ 6 Zionist soldiers were killed and wounded

Expansion of resistance in different areas of the West Bank/ The continuation of fierce fighting between young fighters and the Zionist military

Anti-Zionist operations in the West Bank / Two Zionists were injured

The Al Jazeera reporter reported in this regard that the special forces of the Zionist army raided the Tulkarm camp and deployed snipers on the roofs of a number of buildings, and at the same time, a reconnaissance plane flew in the sky of this area.

After the attack of the Zionist soldiers on Tulkarem area, there was a fierce conflict between them and the Palestinian youths, and the Palestinian fighters used explosive bombs to fight the enemy and damaged at least one Zionist army vehicle.

The army of the Zionist regime also reported to the AFP that its forces have carried out a military operation in Tulkarem.

The army of the occupying regime has not announced anything about the purpose of this operation or its result.

Al Jazeera reporter reported that this Tuesday morning, the Zionist forces attacked the city of Qalqilya from several axes and besieged the houses of Palestinians in this area. It continues at the same time as the war in Gaza, during which at least 200 Palestinians have been martyred and around 2700 people have been injured.

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