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Historical and ancient monuments of Herat province are being restored

The Department of Information and Culture of Herat province in western Afghanistan announced that a team of experts has been formed for the pathology and restoration of Herat’s historical and ancient monuments.
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Concerns about the destruction of historical and ancient monuments in Herat due to the cold and rains, the Department of Information and Culture of this province stated that the restoration work of these monuments will soon begin.

Rakibullah Rizwani, responsible for the preservation of historical and ancient monuments of Herat’s Department of Information and Culture, said: “Rain and snow have been prevented from penetrating into the foundations of some historical monuments, and also a team from various institutions, including urban development, for the pathology of historical places. municipality and is made up of preservation of ancient monuments”.

Most of the historical and ancient monuments including the Jame Mosque, the historical fortress of Akhtaruddin and the minarets of Herat following the recent earthquakes in this Provinces have been damaged.

On the other hand, “Wali Shah Behra”, an expert on cultural issues in western Afghanistan, told Ariana News: “Historical buildings should be restored every year. to be reconstructed, in the last 20 years we have not seen enough measures in this field, also recent earthquakes have also caused serious damage to these works and buildings, so if we do not pay attention, irreparable damage will be done”.

However, so far, no support organization has shown any desire for restoration, pathology and reconstruction of historical and ancient monuments.

“Vahid Ahmad Soltani”, one of the members of Herat’s Historical and Antiquities Preservation Committee, also said: Most of the foreign and domestic tourists travel to Herat to visit various places, so in this field, special support and attention of organizations is needed. international and institutions such as cultural heritage.

According to reports, Herat has around 870 historical works and monuments, most of which have been damaged as a result of the recent earthquakes.

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