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21% of Israeli soldiers have received psychiatric treatment

The Ministries of War and Health of the Zionist regime decided to form a joint committee to deal with the difficult psychological conditions of Israeli soldiers and their families.
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according to the Hebrew group Tasnim news agency, Yediot Aharanot newspaper announced in a report that in the shadow of the massive increase Mental and psychological problems among Israeli soldiers and the families of dead and wounded soldiers, a joint committee has been formed by the Ministries of War and Health.

This media In this regard, Hebrew wrote: Since the beginning of the Gaza war, we have seen a huge increase in the requests of Israelis to receive psychological treatment, so that until today, more than 6,400 wounded soldiers of the Israeli army and people who have joined the Israeli military structure from the periods have used rehabilitation.

In this report, it was revealed that about 21 percent of Israeli soldiers were somehow treated for brain and psychological problems. More than 11,000 former soldiers have suffered from mental problems, of which 8,000 have post-shock problems, and this number is in addition to thousands of family members of soldiers who were killed or injured in the war.

The Ministry of War of Israel predicted that the psychological problems of Israeli soldiers will increase as the war time increases.

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