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China: America should stop weakening disarmament and non-proliferation treaties

The official representation of the Chinese Embassy in America says that Washington should stop undermining treaties related to nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation.

report Mehr News Agency quoted Tass, the press office of the official representative of the Chinese Embassy in the United States, emphasizing that Washington should reduce the role of nuclear weapons in the domestic security policy as well as the security policy of the West, from the United States. He wanted to stop the weakening of international non-proliferation structures.

The official representation of the Chinese Embassy in the United States in response to the statements of Pranay Wadi, Special Advisor to the President and Senior Director of Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-Proliferation in the National Security Council. The country announced: America should reflect on its behavior and consider itself committed to doing the right thing.

In the continuation of this statement, it is stated: America should stop undermining international agreements on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation and the role of nuclear weapons in domestic and cross-border security policy. Western) and act responsibly for the well-being of the world.

In another part of this statement, we read: America has the largest and most advanced nuclear arsenal in the world. However, it has followed a policy of preemptive use of nuclear weapons, developed nuclear deterrence strategies against others, and invested heavily in upgrading its nuclear triad. (Washington) has withdrawn from arms control treaties, strengthened the NATO nuclear alliance and expanded cooperation with its allies in the field of advanced military technologies.


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