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The Zionist enemy has no ability to contain Hezbollah

Examining the military power of Lebanon's Hezbollah in the shadow of the empty threats of the Zionist authorities against the Lebanese resistance has become the focus of leading newspapers in the Arab world.

Mehr News, International Group: While the Zionist regime has not been able to destroy the Hamas tunnels in the Gaza Strip after eight months, or arrest the leaders of this movement, or even one He should release his prisoners. Now, with the escalation of Hezbollah’s attacks on the northern front, he is warning of the possibility of an attack on southern Lebanon!

دشمن صهیونیست توان مهار حزب الله را ندارد

Quds al-Arabi newspaper wrote in this regard: Lebanon’s Hezbollah has been able to carry out offensive operations against the Zionist enemy in the past months and forced Tel Aviv to send his forces to the northern front. In the shadow of these Lebanese Hezbollah operations, the Zionist occupiers have been forced to evacuate the towns close to Hezbollah’s line of fire, but Hezbollah has increased the length and breadth of the conflict front and added the occupied heights of the Syrian Golan and the Upper Galilee. The fierce attacks of the Lebanese forces have made the Zionist enemy lose his spirit and realize that he cannot control Hezbollah. The operations of Hezbollah’s drones have also become more accurate and intelligent and more deceptive against the Zionist regime’s air systems. The Zionists know that Hezbollah’s power is ten times that of Hamas, and the Lebanese forces have shown only five percent of their power.

دشمن صهیونیست توان مهار حزب الله را ندارد

Rai Alyoum newspaper also wrote about Hezbollah: Sheikh Naim Qassem, Deputy Secretary General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, is one of those who only speaks when necessary and provides detailed analyzes about presents the political situation. In a rare television interview with Al Jazeera, he emphasized that Hezbollah does not want a war, but if this war is imposed, it is ready for it. With these words, Naeem Qassem dropped the ball in Tel Aviv’s court, but at the same time emphasized the readiness of Hezbollah.

دشمن صهیونیست توان مهار حزب الله را ندارد

Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar wrote about the American foreign minister’s trips to the region: Blinken is going to visit the region again for the eighth time. This trip is aimed at reaching an agreement between Tel Aviv and the Palestinian resistance. Netanyahu is also scheduled to travel to this country to address the US Congress. Considering the current critical situation of the war in Gaza, is Netanyahu’s visit the right time to announce the end of the war? Of course, the declaration of the end of the war cannot be achieved without the release of Israeli prisoners held by Hamas, which means that Netanyahu must release them before traveling to America. The end of the war in Gaza is not possible except with the agreement of Hamas and the resistance groups. For this reason, America is putting pressure on Hamas through its partners, including Qatar.

دشمن صهیونیست توان مهار حزب الله را ندارد

The Syrian Al-Thawrah newspaper wrote about Gaza: After eight months have passed since the beginning of the Zionist regime’s attack on the Gaza Strip, the resistance forces have been surprised, from open field battles to rocket attacks. which Tel Aviv sought to stop, continues.

Relentless attacks by the Zionist regime with American weapons and this country’s green light against Palestinian children and women who have taken refuge in UN-affiliated centers continue. According to the Zionist regime, the quantity and quality of missiles available to the Palestinian resistance forces shows that the combat and missile capabilities of these forces are still intact despite Netanyahu’s claims.

دشمن صهیونیست توان مهار حزب الله را ندارد

Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed newspaper wrote about the developments in the north of the occupied territories: Hezbollah’s heavy attacks against the northern areas and widespread fires in these areas have caused more damage from the war 2006 to remain in the hands of Tel Aviv. Hezbollah has recently unveiled its new weapons such as Barkan missiles, suicide drones and other weapons, the effects of which can be seen in the positions of the Zionist army. As a result of these attacks, Zionist settlements have become ghost towns. If Israel starts a war against Hezbollah, it should know that the destruction of Hezbollah is not the same as the destruction of Hamas in Gaza, and it is an impossible goal.

دشمن صهیونیست توان مهار حزب الله را ندارد

The Yemeni Al-Masirah newspaper also wrote about the developments in Yemen: America and England are trying in every possible way to create a naval achievement for themselves against the armed forces of Yemen, but every They are surprised by the operation of these forces. This time, the Americans have reached out to their mercenary arms in the region and inside Yemen in order to weaken the will of the country’s forces in supporting the Palestinian nation. Using the self-proclaimed government of Yemen, they are trying to take action against the people of this country and put pressure on the people of Yemen in the economic field, especially by stopping flights at Sana’a airport.


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