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Confession of the Zionist regime: Hezbollah fired 5 thousand rockets

The Zionist Army officially announced that since October 7, 2023, Hezbollah has fired more than five thousand missiles, drones and other projectiles towards the north (Occupied Palestine).
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according to the Hebrew group Tasnim News, Channel 11 of the Zionist regime TV announced: Spokesman Daniel Hagari The Israeli army admitted in a meeting with foreign media that Lebanon’s Hezbollah is increasing the range of its attacks against Israel day by day and has fired more than 5,000 missiles and drones at us since it joined the war with Hamas after October 7.

He claimed that Hezbollah is putting Lebanon and the region at risk with this action.

According to Hagari, Hezbollah is not willing to implement Security Council Resolution 1701 and Hezbollah will take appropriate decisions to support its regions.

Hagari also admitted, the Israeli army will do this at any cost.

This claim of the spokesman of the Zionist regime’s army is announced in a situation where Zionist experts warn that Israel will be severely damaged and suffer many casualties if it goes to war with Hezbollah.

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