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UNICEF: The war in Gaza is a war against children

The impact of the occupation regime's military offensive on Gaza on children is such that it can be described as a "war on children," a UNICEF spokesperson said, adding that the world should fear this situation.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, James Elder, the spokesperson of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) ) said in an interview with the United Nations website: “The impact that Israel’s attacks have had on children in Gaza emphasizes the idea that this is a war against children.” , added: “During the war in Gaza, a large number of my colleagues were killed, which is more than any war in the history of the United Nations; The scenes I saw in the hospitals during my visit to the Gaza Strip are “terrible” and the doctors here have a wonderful spirit.” James Elder also spoke about the painful stories that happen to children in Gaza; of children who have lost their families and homes; or they suffer from malnutrition and emotional trauma; He said that the war should be stopped now to save children and provide medical and educational facilities for them.

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The UN official continued: “The constant fear that children live in here is nothing normal; In the last three nights, amid the continuous bombing and the flight of drones that deprive children of sleep; There is nothing natural; Naturally, there was nothing normal about the children I saw a few hours ago at Al-Aqsa Hospital.” While describing the scenes he observed during his recent visit to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, Alder said that few Of the 36 hospitals that operated in Gaza before the start of the Israeli aggression, they are still able to provide their services. He said that the world should be afraid of the terrible consequences of this war, and that UNICEF is well aware of the impact of war on children. has seen in Afghanistan and Yemen.

According to the latest statistics, according to the government information office in the Gaza Strip, the invaders have killed 15,694 children since the beginning of their aggression in the Gaza Strip. During this period, 34 thousand children were also injured. At least 200 children are in the captivity of Zionist soldiers.

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