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Decrease in the price of oil in the world market

The price of black gold witnessed a slight decrease in today's transactions of the energy market.

to report Mehr News Agency, citing the demand in America For oil, it affected the price of black gold.

Accordingly, the price of oil witnessed a downward trend in today’s trading of the energy market.

North Sea Brent oil decreased by 15 cents to $82 and 47 cents per barrel. It was traded. The price of oil West Texas Intermediate also decreased by 16 cents to 78 dollars and 29 cents in Each barrel arrived.

Now energy market analysts are waiting for the release of Chinese economic data report. Promising statistics about Beijing as the world’s largest importer of crude oil can help increase the price of black gold.

Last week, both main oil indices experienced growth of more than 4%, which was good news in the energy market.

The two wars of Gaza and Ukraine, including the influence of the most influential political factors on the price of oil in the world market are considered Considering the lack of noticeable change in these two wars, the market did not react to them.


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