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Israel’s ground attack on the Gaza Strip continues with high casualties

In an analytical video, Mansour Barati, a researcher in the field of the Zionist regime, examines the main developments of the recent days of the Al-Aqsa storm war and Israel’s ground attack in the Gaza Strip.

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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, this expert is the most important issue of the Israeli ground operations war in It is Gaza, and Gaza Square should be considered the most important part of the developments related to the Al-Aqsa storm war.



Other factors such as diplomatic pressure and deterrence efforts of other countries should be placed in the next ranks of importance. Israel first put Iza’i ground operations on its agenda and thus carried out several short-term and limited-range ground operations in Gaza. Then the Israeli forces withdrew from the Gaza Strip.

From October 28, more permanent Israeli ground attacks in Gaza began. They tried to make gains for themselves by occupying some uninhabited areas in Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahia and then El Zeitoun.

The next step of the Zionists is to develop the occupied island areas and besiege Gaza City. Although the Zionists have announced that they will besiege the city within 48 hours, the speed of their advance is so slow that they will need more than a week for this. It has reached 1560 dead, 5600 wounded and 242 prisoners. Due to the sensitivity of the captives, the Israelis have put the policy of increasing the number of captives drop by drop in their agenda so as not to provoke the society. 1000 injured and more than 1 million people have been displaced.

Also, protests against Netanyahu’s actions are increasing once again. These protests are spreading due to the failure of October 7 and the non-return of Israeli prisoners.


32nd day of “Aqsa Storm” | The Israeli army was caught in the swamp of the open areas of Gaza/ al-Qassam destroyed 14 tanks of the Zionist regime today
The Al-Aqsa storm brought the Israeli economy into crisis


It is expected that in the months after the war, dissatisfaction with Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet will increase even more. and he will face a deep crisis of popularity and legitimacy.

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