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Former Pentagon official: Tel Aviv will not achieve any of its goals in Gaza

A former Pentagon official in Barack Obama’s administration pointed out that Israel is unable to achieve any of its goals in the current war in Gaza, saying that Israel should learn from the defeat against Hezbollah in the 33-day war.

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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, in a situation where many Western and Zionist media and circles They warn about the serious consequences of the continued aggression of the occupying regime in the Gaza Strip, a former official of the US Department of Defense announced that Israel has set extreme and unrealistic goals for itself in the Gaza war and as it failed in the July 2006 war with Lebanon, it failed to achieve Its goals are also failing in the current war with Gaza.

Andrew Axum, who was previously the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Middle East Affairs during the presidency of Barack Obama, talks about the war in Gaza and the policy of the occupiers to advance their goals. have adopted in this war, in an article published in the Atlantic magazine, he declared that Israel will fail in realizing its goals in the Gaza war; Just as it failed to achieve its goals in the July war with Hezbollah.

He added, I am not convinced that the strategy that Israel has taken in the Gaza war is wise. Israel has set extreme goals for itself; Exactly what he did in 2006 and did not achieve any of his goals, while he should learn from the experience of the Lebanon war. Israel wants to set a series of extreme goals, often for domestic consumption, and then fails to achieve them; An issue that leads to the victory of the resistance.

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I went to Lebanon for graduate school when I was young, but later I came back to see how Hezbollah became Israel’s most powerful enemy, the former US official continued. . Based on this, I started to identify and examine Israel’s mistakes and weaknesses as well as Hezbollah’s strengths.

Axum emphasized in the continuation of his article, “Ehud Olmert”, the Prime Minister of Israel in 2006, set three goals in The war with Lebanon had determined: the destruction of Hezbollah, the return of the bodies of 2 Israeli prisoners and an end to the rocket attacks against Israel. But we saw that none of these Israeli goals were achieved. Despite the devastation this war brought to Lebanon, most observers agree that the winner of this war was Hezbollah; Because during one month, Israel attacked as much as it could, but Hezbollah remained steadfast.

This former Pentagon official clarified that today the Islamic resistance in Lebanon and the Palestinian Hamas movement will not be satisfied with anything less than the destruction of Israel; Although they are not in a hurry for this. Hizbullah and Hamas see that time is in their favor and Israel’s internal divisions will probably take most of the responsibility (destruction of Israel). Jari pointed out and emphasized that this was the first speech of the Secretary General of Hezbollah since the beginning of the Gaza war. Nasrallah is absolutely sure that Israel cannot destroy Hamas and he considered Hamas the only winner of this war.

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