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New statistics of Israel’s economic losses in the Gaza war/ displacement of more than 224,000 people and crisis in the Zionist labor market

Referring to the huge economic losses suffered by the Zionist regime during the Gaza war, the Hebrew media announced that more than 224,000 settlers evacuated the settlements for fear of rocket attacks and became a burden on Israel’s economy.

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According to the international group Tasnim News, the Zionist media in a report documenting the casualties of the occupying regime in The material and human level since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa storm operation on October 7, they announced that the damages caused to the towns around Gaza are estimated at 10 billion shekels (the currency of the Zionist regime). announced that the war in Gaza has cost Israel about 50 billion shekels (13 billion dollars) so far. The costs of Israel’s security and military organizations in this war have been estimated at 30 billion shekels so far.

This Hebrew media added: The damage caused to 24 settlements around the Gaza Strip is also estimated at 10 billion shekels. 5 billion shekels is the cost of damages caused by rocket attacks on other areas of Israel (Occupied Palestine). According to this report, 15 billion shekels have been damaged to Israel’s economic growth, which is one of the main factors. The significant decrease in tax revenues has been in the shadow of the war. Yediot Aharonot stated: 29 settlements around Gaza and 22 settlements in the northern area have been evacuated, as a result of which more than 94 thousand Israelis have settled in hotels. It puts a huge burden on Israel’s economy, in the meantime, about 115 thousand Israelis have evacuated the settlements by their decision without giving them a warning, and in total, more than 224 thousand Israelis have evacuated their houses and settlements at this time.

The Hebrew newspaper wrote that thousands of small businesses are on the verge of bankruptcy and hundreds of thousands of workers may go on unpaid leave. A foreigner has reported.

Bloomberg also reported a decrease of more than 7 billion dollars in Israel’s foreign reserves last month.

Economic losses of the Al-Aqsa storm have already appeared / 18.2 billion dollars in damages are expected by the Zionist regime
The big blow of Al-Aqsa storm to Zionist companies

The economic damage of Al-Aqsa storm operation for the Zionist regime is one of the most obvious consequences of this war, which The occupiers are struggling with it and are worried about its impact on their vital parts.

The Hebrew newspaper Haaretz also reported that Israel’s economy will be severely damaged as a result of the Gaza war; Because tourism stagnates and economic activities in the south are also paralyzed, we must also mention the excessive increase in the military expenses of the army, and in addition, many workers have become unemployed and many have been called to the army as reserve forces.

It should be noted that the economy of the Zionist regime was in a shaky state before the Al-Aqsa storm operation due to internal political conflicts after the extremist cabinet of Benjamin Netanyahu took office, and after the announcement of the judicial changes plan approved by Netanyahu’s cabinet, many Companies and investors left occupied Palestine for America and Europe.

While more than a month has passed since the Battle of al-Aqsa, the heavy economic losses of this war for the Zionists are becoming more apparent day by day. While predicting the prolongation of the current war with Gaza, the Zionist sources, pointing to the heavy and long-term consequences of the Al-Aqsa storm operation on the economy of this regime, announced that this war will directly and indirectly cause about 38 billion dollars in damage to the Israelis.

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