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Lapid: Netanyahu remaining in power is a shame on history

The leader of Netanyahu's opposition strongly criticized him for remaining at the helm of the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, who has the longest history of leading this regime in the 75 years of Israel, was widely criticized in the occupied territories because of the extremist positions of his Likud party before the October 7th attack. However, the recent 6-month war in Gaza has now fueled public anger against Netanyahu.

According to Al Jazeera, Yair Lapid, the former Prime Minister of the Zionist regime and the leader of Netanyahu’s opposition today (Wednesday) strongly criticized the government’s position in not agreeing with Hamas for the exchange of prisoners.

Lapid said in this regard: I express my solidarity with the demonstration of tens of thousands of the opposition protesting against the release of prisoners in the Hamas detention center in front of the Knesset building. Unfortunately, Netanyahu’s government has failed in fulfilling its duties in this field.

He added: These demonstrators who have come to the streets are the families of prisoners whom you have abandoned and are not paying attention to. Our prisoners are now in the tunnels of Hamas.

Attacking Netanyahu, Lapid stated: There is no country in the world whose leader remains in power after an attack like October 7th. This is a shameful event in history that will remain for generations. Now that you are still in power, at least take care of the captives and their families.

All polls in the occupied territories show that Netanyahu’s popularity has fallen after the October 7 attacks. However, Netanyahu knows very well that he will remain in power as long as the war continues, so it is not surprising that he continues to beat the war drum and is a staunch opponent of the agreement to establish a ceasefire in Gaza.

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