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Al-Araji announced; Construction of 2 camps to accommodate separatists in northern Iraq

The National Security Adviser of Iraq announced today the construction of 2 camps in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah to house members of separatist terrorist groups.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, Iraq’s National Security Adviser “Qassem Al-Aarji” today (Wednesday, November 8) in an interview with the Iraqi newspaper “Al-Sabah” about the construction of two camps in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah for accommodation. separatist terrorist groups present near the borders of Iran.

The presence of terrorist and separatist groups in the north of Iraq and near the borders of Iran and the threats that have repeatedly been directed at Iran from the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan. Karat has faced strong protests from the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the IRGC has targeted the headquarters of these groups on several occasions. Until March 28, 1401, the Iran-Iraq joint security cooperation agreement was signed in Baghdad during a ceremony attended by “Mohammed Shia al-Sudani”, the Prime Minister of Iraq and al-Aarji, and “Ali Shamkhani”, the former secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, and according to this agreement, the expiration date is on September 28, 1402. The implementation of the Iran-Iraq security agreement and the clearing of border areas in northwestern Iran from terrorists and separatist armed groups were announced.

He stated: “The government is determined to resolve all problems and disputes through dialogue and diplomacy.” This will be done after the formation of a high committee between Iraq and Iran to solve the problem of Iranian armed men who have been present in Iraq since 40 years ago.” The National Security Adviser of Iraq added: “After holding more than 14 meetings in Baghdad, Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Tehran under the supervision of the Prime Minister, we came to the conclusion that with the beginning of the disarmament phase, we will transfer all the armed people present along the borders of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah to more distant areas and we are currently We are trying to settle them in official camps under the supervision of the Iraqi government. In this regard, the Iraqi government has started setting up the first camp in Erbil and the second camp in Sulaymaniyah.” And the border area with Iran has been evacuated from armed groups. A great progress has been made in this agreement, the implementation of its provisions is accepted by all parties”.

Al-Araji also said regarding the water case: “The solution to this issue is clear and in the agreement of the year 1975 and its appendix “C” is mentioned, which confirms the solution of this issue and the common right of the two countries to water. The Iranian side asked us to activate this agreement and now the ball is in Iraq’s court”. headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and a number of relevant resistance officials to travel to Turkey and negotiate the security case. rtejustify”>


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