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10-day deadline for the US House of Representatives to avoid a government shutdown

At the same time as the possibilities based on the shutdown of the American government are intensifying, the Republicans of the House of Representatives of this country have disagreed with each other over the approval of the budget plan.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, the Republicans of the US House of Representatives have not yet been able to present a single plan to deal with the budget plan on the eve of the impending government shutdown deadline on November 17. Meanwhile, the closed-door meeting on Tuesday focused on the country’s budget was inconclusive and the representatives did not reach an agreement on this issue.

Newsweek”, with only 10 days left to avoid a shutdown of the US government, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives said during a press conference that members of his party are still considering a Forward planning in this field has not come to fruition.

“Mike Johnson” has stated in his statements that don’t doubt the budget bill to prevent government shutdown. We will advance in a way that the American people will be proud of.

He has acknowledged that there have been very extensive and positive discussions about the options on the table between the representatives. whose results will soon be publicly presented by him as the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The date of the impending shutdown of the government is announced.

While the US Congress must approve 12 appropriation bills annually in the field of defense and non-defense spending in order for federal agencies to operate. continue, in recent decades these bills have been considered in larger legislative packages, simplifying the work process.

However, starting in 2023, Republicans have considered voting on each of the government spending bills one by one. In addition, the US House of Representatives has put reducing the federal budget deficit at the top of its priorities, which has led to the Democrats not supporting these bills.

Considering the challenges that the US House of Representatives and the Democratic-controlled Senate have to reach an agreement on these 12 bills, many would like to pass a resolution once again without tension among the representatives to prevent the government shutdown on November 17. “Neely Kennedy” from the state of Louisiana and “Jerry Moran” from the state of Kansas are among the Republicans who support this resolution.

Concerns about the possibility of a government shutdown are increasing while the non-partisan Brookings Institute states in this regard, a long-term shutdown of the government can disrupt the employment process of people and to have a negative impact on the provision of some cases such as passport application and other services of the US government. Just as the past shutdowns have reduced the growth of the US GDP.

However, some Republican representatives of the US are concerned about Mike Johnson’s approach to reviewing and approving spending bills. They support individually during this very short period of time.

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