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The revelation of Benjamin Netanyahu’s audio tape and why the Israeli army was surprised

In recent days, the revelation of Benjamin Netanyahu’s audio tape 5 months ago, in which he states that the two previous battles between Hamas and the army of this regime caused the complete collapse of the offensive infrastructure of the Hamas resistance groups and that he does not see any threat to them, has caused controversy.

– International News – Tasnim News, the disclosure of the audio tape of Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech 5 months ago in Likud party meetings shows that the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime is contrary to the critics of the policy His security officials in this party believed that the two battles of Al-Quds took place in 2021 and the revenge of the Azads in May 2023 practically destroyed all the military infrastructures of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and while creating deterrence for Israel, fear and panic from any military action. has re-established Palestinian groups against the Israeli regime. }” href=”″ rel=”nofollow” style=”display: block; width: 350px; height: 262px; margin: 0 auto 0 auto;”>.


The leaked audio tapes are also of the debate between Netanyahu and Danny Danon talks about the reasons for the Prime Minister’s refusal to respond to the operation in the town of Eli in June of this year. Four Israelis were killed in the operation that took place at a gas station.

This revelation of Kan network practically introduces Netanyahu’s security failure as the cause of Israel’s intelligence surprise on Black Saturday and the occurrence of Al-Aqsa storm operation.

Biden asks Netanyahu to stop fighting for 3 days
Netanyahu: There will be no ceasefire until the release of all prisoners/Galant: Assassination of al-Sanuwar is one of the goals Israel Hume” has stated in a report; The worrying thing for Israelis is that the person who should be devoting all his energy to ridding Israel of the disaster of the Gaza war is still preoccupied with his own thoughts and concerns. It is time for the Likud party to take courage and check whether their party leader is qualified to be president or not?

It seems that this The battle will be associated with the end of the political life of Benjamin Netanyahu, the 74-year-old prime minister of the Zionist regime. This revelation and the performance of his cabinet regarding the actions of the resistance groups has not been able to gain public satisfaction in any way, and the pressure of public opinion regarding the case of exchange of prisoners in the country and marches, demonstrations and diplomatic actions in the international space, the situation is to the detriment of Netanyahu. and his extreme cabinet has placed.

On the one hand, Netanyahu must compensate for the blow that Israel received at the beginning of the war, and on the other hand, he must 230 to free the Israeli prisoner from Hamas, which goals are clearly contradictory.

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