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The conversation between Selajgeh and Baradar/ Hamon’s latest situation and the negative consequences of dust for the parties were examined

In the meeting between Ali Selajgeh and Mullah Baradar, the problems of the neighboring provinces of Hamon were discussed and the Afghan side emphasized on the release of Iran’s conflict.

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According to the regional office Tasnim News Agency, public relations of the Environmental Protection Organization from the meeting of “Molabrader”, the first economic deputy The Minister of the Government of Afghanistan and his accompanying delegation made the announcement with “Ali Selajqa”, the Vice President and Head of the Environmental Protection Organization.

In particular, he considered the restoration of the Hamoun wetland as one of the essential axes of the cooperation between the two countries and addressed the Afghan delegation: One of the problems that is affecting our people these days is the issue of dust in the city of Zabul and our province of Sistan and Baluchistan, which also causes Our economy will be severely affected and it will also harm your economy. As you know, the environment knows no borders and is not an issue related to one country, and parameters such as dust, wildlife, etc. are issues that are related to all countries. These days, climate change has also severely affected the countries of our region, and we must help each other to deal with it.

He said: Dust is This is a calamity for the people of Zabul and it has caused our people to suffer. The drying up of the Hamon wetland has caused the economy of the people of the region to be affected. This issue has affected and disrupted the economy of your people in Zaranj and other villages and surrounding cities. Let’s have a joint plan and project to control the dust collection areas in the friend and brother country of Afghanistan. In these two years, we had two big international meetings for dust, one with the presence of regional countries and one with the presence of 50 countries of the world and 16 international agencies. Fortunately, in these meetings, we realized that there is good convergence both at the regional level and at the global level to deal with dust.

The head of the Environmental Protection Organization stated : The environmental cooperation between us and Afghanistan, which unfortunately the enemy wants this not to happen, can be a good model for the cooperation between the two countries and to solve the problems of the people on both sides of the border. We are ready for this work and we have prepared a plan under the title of sub-regional operational plan for the east and southeast of the country and we hope to be able to implement our plan with the cooperation of the countries of the region and especially the country of Afghanistan.

During this meeting, Mullah Baradar also stated: We hope that our negotiations with your country will proceed in the best way and have favorable results for the people of both countries. This is a sign of your country’s brotherhood and kindness to Afghanistan that, without any request, the relief forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran have been present in our country during the earthquake and are helping our people. He continued: We are grateful to the Islamic Republic of Iran and we will not forget your kindness. release and there is no reason to refuse this. Now our country is suffering from a drought and this drought has caused our drought.

He said: A large number of our people in Nimroz province, in the city of Zaranj and its surrounding cities. They were forced to migrate because of this severe drought. Currently, there is no water in this area, and for this reason, it is not possible for the route to survive.

Taliban: When the rains are suitable, we will release Iran’s Haqaba
The completion of the Bakhshabad Dam will disturb Hamon’s wetlands. “>


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